Pope Leo XIII Institute 2016-2017 – 4th Module – Clergy Only

November 6, 2017
10 Days
Session 4


Qualified Exorcist Faculty Member - Contact Institute for more information


University of St Mary of the Lake, East Maple Avenue, Mundelein, IL   View map


Fourth Module: Application of the Rites

This module presents the many ways in which the rites of exorcism are performed and administered in the life of the Church: (1) liturgical practice; (2) administrative organization of this ministry in a diocese; (3) canonical and civil law obligations; (4) medical and psychological support; and (5) deliverance ministry.

Fourth Module in Detail

  • Part One: The Ministry of Exorcism on a Diocesan Level
    • A. The authority and role of the Bishop
    • B. The ecclesiology of this ministry
    • C. Canonical requirements; diocesan regulations
    • D. Civil and legal obligations
    • E. Team approaches: assembling and coordinating kinds of care for the afflicted
    • F. The training of team members
  • Part Two: Understanding the Inculturation of Demonic Affliction
    • A. The relationship of human culture and the demonic
    • B. Inculturations of the demonic in the US
    • C. Strategies and tactics in response
  • Part Three: Discerning True from False Possession
    • A. The spiritual tradition
    • B. Medical diagnosis
    • C. Psychological evaluation
    • D. The experience of exorcists
    • E. Taking a life history
  • Part Four: The American Protocol
    • A. Why a protocol?
    • B. Eight steps in approaching a case
      • 1. Initial contact
      • 2. Regularization of sacramental and spiritual life of the afflicted
      • 3. Taking a life history
      • 4. Medical examination
      • 5. Psychological assessment
      • 6. Applying the traditional norms from the Praenotanda
      • 7. Team analysis and report to the Bishop
      • 8. The discernment and permission of the Bishop
  • Part Five: Performance of the Rite
    • A. Preparing for the rite
    • B. The ritual performance of deliverance and minor exorcisms
    • C. The ritual performance of the solemn rites of exorcism
    • D. Care of the energumen before, during, and after the rites
    • E. Demonstrations
  • Part Six: Case Analysis and Review