Learning Objectives for The Pope Leo XIII Institute

Understand the Context of the Ministry of Exorcism and Deliverance

Participants demonstrate knowledge and familiarity with the historical development, liturgical treatment, canonical directives, and pastoral applications of the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings on evil, the destructiveness of evil, and the forms that evil takes.

Understand Principles of Angelology

Participants demonstrate a theological and practical understanding of the angelic nature, the creation of angels, and the fall of some angels from grace.

Utilize Proper Discernment of Spirits

Participants properly identify and discern the presence of evil spirits, from simple to complex cases.

Demonstrate Competence in Administering Rite of Exorcism

Priest participants develop expertise with the Rite of Exorcism and methods for use.

Achieve Ministerial Proficiency

Priest participants acquire proficiency and demonstrate prudence in responding to cases of deliverance, exorcism and inner healing.

Understand the Power of the Sacrament of Penance

Priest participants learn practical guidelines for the celebration of Penance to reduce or eliminate demonic affliction.

Maintain Proper Awareness of Self-Care

Each participant recognizes the importance of attending to his own self-care and spirituality; he properly identifies appropriate boundaries and limitations.

Habitually Employ Methods of Protection against Evil

Participants recognize the importance of personal protection against evil for themselves and their team members. They pray prayers of protection, participate often in the Sacraments, and consistently utilize best practices in their ministry.

Pursue Collaboration

Priest participants recognize that this ministry must not occur in isolation. Each participant seeks out and develops supportive partnerships with local professionals.

Provide Mentoring

Priest participants become proficient in preparing, mentoring, and supervising brother priests, professionals, and lay prayer teams for the ministry.

Communicate with Church Hierarchy and Local Clergy

Participants cultivate working relationships with their Bishops and develop skills to educate clergy in their respective dioceses.

Plan for Aftercare

Participants develop and implement appropriate strategies of aftercare to ensure long term inner healing.