Over a dozen years ago, our educational efforts first began at the request of American bishops desirous of educational opportunities for priests engaged in the ministry of exorcism, deliverance, and healing. Seeking to respond to Pope John Paul II’s recommendation that every diocese appoint an exorcist, our educational efforts began in earnest.

First, a multi-disciplinary team of theologians, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, exorcists, and other professional clinicians assembled to assess and evaluate current efforts. The general consensus emerged that improvements in education and understanding were desperately needed. A first conference convened in 2005 in order to address these issues and topics. To the present day, our weeklong conference at Mundelein Seminary remains an important cornerstone of our educational work.

After our 2010 annual conference, we were approached with a request to establish a specialized and intensive educational program for priests who work as exorcists and for the deacons who support them in this ministry. This vision, to create a “school” for exorcism and deliverance, was born.

In 2012, the IRS approved our status as an officially recognized 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization, our central goal to further advance solid pastoral healing ministry through education, mentorship, clinical supervision, and training.

In February of 2014, we welcomed 55 exorcists, priests, and deacons to the first of four 10-day sessions of The Pope Leo XIII Institute. With their graduation in November 2015, the second cohort of exorcists, priests, and deacons begins its educational journey for 2016–2017.